Paying Social Media Jobs Review(2024): Legit or Huge Scam? Take the Job Quiz to Find Paying Opportunities19 min read purports to assist regular individuals in securing remote employment in social media management, which they claim is currently one of the most in-demand professions in the country. According to the website, companies of all sizes, ranging from major corporations to small businesses, are recognizing the importance of maintaining a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to remain competitive. Given that many of these smaller firms may not be able to afford to hire a full-time social media manager, they are outsourcing the task to freelance workers who can work remotely.

Paying Social Media Jobs

What is Social Media Management :

The advertising for suggests that becoming a social media manager is merely about creating Facebook posts, but in reality, it has evolved into a serious career path that companies take seriously. Regardless of the industry, a thriving social media presence can drive business to a company. That being said, the site is correct in acknowledging that this type of work is conducive to self-employment or working from home. By mastering social media management skills and gaining proficiency in online marketing, one can develop their client base and earn a monthly management fee or engage in short-term projects as desired. Social media management tasks may include increasing a company’s following, creating engaging digital content, responding to customer inquiries, running giveaways, collaborating with influencers, and email marketing. As one’s online marketing abilities expand, they can incorporate Search Engine Optimization and Ad Campaign management into their services. Ultimately, the qualifications for this role vary but hinge on a comprehensive understanding of how people use social media platforms and the most effective ways for businesses to interact with them.

It Compiles Different Tasks Such As –

  • Increasing a company’s followers
  • Creating engaging digital content
  • Replying to customers’ inquiries
  • Running giveaways
  • Collaborating with influencers
  • Email marketing

About Paying Social Media Jobs :

Paying Social Media Jobs is a website that claims to provide social media jobs to individuals searching for online work. They assert that managing clients’ social media accounts can earn you money, which entails running ads, commenting on posts, sharing content, generating likes and follows, and so on.

This program is a rebranding of what was formerly known as Paid Social Media Jobs (now renamed Paying Social Media Jobs). I’m uncertain why they chose to rebrand or rename, but entering into your web browser will currently redirect you to Though they are fundamentally identical, there are some visual and navigational adjustments in the members’ area, which I believe is an improvement.

Since “Paying” Social Media Jobs is the most recent edition, that is the one I will be focusing on in this analysis. If you’re looking for a Paid Social Media Jobs review, this is still the one you want. The previous iteration of Paid Social Media Jobs is no longer available, as far as I know, owing to the rebrand and redirect (to

Although Paying Social Media Jobs appears to be a website that teaches you how to launch a social media career and provides a legitimate way to work from home, it is somewhat deceptive. It is instead a ClickBank product that offers some general social media instruction and a job database that, while useful, is not exclusive. These are positions that can be found on any job board or freelance platform.

Annie Jones, a single mother who earns over $700 a week online by assisting businesses with their social media, created it. However, I, like you, have seen these “make-money” advertisements before. I can’t help but wonder if Annie Jones is a real person, so let’s delve further and investigate.

About Annie Jones (A Real User Of Paying Social Media Jobs)

Annie Jones

According to Paying Social Media Jobs, Annie Jones is a social media manager who spends time on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube every day, responding to comments and scheduling posts. She claims that anyone who has a basic knowledge of these platforms can do this job, and millions of businesses are currently recruiting for these positions. While this statement is partly true, more on this will be explained later. Annie shares her personal story of how she went from being heavily indebted to becoming a successful social media manager by connecting with another single mom who had undergone similar challenges.

After losing her job and experiencing financial difficulties, the other mom became more financially stable than ever in just six months, and this was Annie’s first glimpse into the world of paid social media jobs. With the aid of this person’s guidance, she obtained her first job within 24 hours, and now, she desires to help others in the same way she was helped.

Annie claims that she earned $19,847 through paid social media marketing in six months, and provides a photograph of her online profile and payment as evidence on the website, which implies to be hers. A screenshot of her PayPal account displays $9,421.83 (surprisingly, her name appears as Kate Jones). Furthermore, she asserts that she has aided many students, one of whom is Tash White. With Annie’s assistance, Tash White can now work as a social media manager from home while looking after her baby.

However, the question remains: Is Annie Jones a real person, and is Paying Social Media Jobs a legitimate site? Based on the evidence presented, there are some reservations.

Kate jones Earning review paying social media jobs

Paying Social Media Jobs Cost/Price – (The Upsells, down sells, and Sidesells)

Paying Social Media Jobs Price

Upon completion of the questionnaire, you will be redirected to the Paying Social Media Jobs order page, where you can purchase the program for a one-time payment of $27.

On this page, you will be presented with several upsells, down sells, and side-sells, which are additional costs that you may not have anticipated. This is a common practice for products on Clickbank.

The first upsell is the VIP Upgrade, which costs $97 for lifetime access and includes a personal account representative, hand-picked high-paying jobs, and premium support. If you reject this offer, you will be offered a down-sell of twelve months of VIP membership for $67.

The next set of offers are side-sells for other products from the same creators as Paying Social Media Jobs: PaidOnlineWritingJobs and WriteAppReviews. You may purchase both at a discount of $57, or you can choose to purchase one for $37 if you decline.

Once you have navigated through the upsell, down-sell, and side-sell options, you will arrive at the welcome page, but your purchasing journey is not quite over yet.

You will be presented with another offer for a step-by-step program called Social Media Arbitrage, which costs $37 and teaches you how to outsource your work to others to multiply your efforts.

Finally, after declining or accepting all of the additional offers, you will become a member of Paying Social Media Jobs.

Paying Social Media Jobs Members Area

Paying Social Media Jobs Customer Service :

The positive aspect of this course is that it is marketed via ClickBank, which is a third-party platform responsible for handling refunds and processing payments. As a result, if you are not content with the product, you can request a refund through ClickBank within 60 days of purchasing it.

A Sneak Into Paying Social Media Jobs :

With the Earning images, videos, and testimonials on their homepage, I was interested to see what was inside Paying Social Media Jobs Members Area.

You’re greeted with the typical dashboard Where the Below-mentioned links were Mentioned As shown in the Image.

The top menu options are Home, Intro Course, and Training. Those are followed by Social Media Job Database, Affiliate Products, and My Account. 

Paying Social Media Jobs Home page

The lower section of the page features a brief introductory video, as well as additional thumbnails and buttons that provide access to some of the same pages offered in the top menu.

As expected, the bottom of the page presents more upgrade alternatives. Interestingly, these are the same offers presented during the purchase and setup procedure. These include Social Media Arbitrage, the VIP Express Pass, PaidOnlineWritingJobs, and WriteAppReviews. While upgrading is an option, I suggest exploring the menu options first, and only making a decision about upgrading after examining the benefits offered.

The jobs database is the obvious place to start since the primary goal of purchasing Paying Social Media Jobs is to secure a job. However, it’s important to proceed step by step and begin with the Intro Course.

Intro Course Of Social Media Jobs :

This page that the Intro Course leads you to comprises three training modules that are solely text-based and, similar to their other programs, do not provide life-changing information.

If you have no prior experience with social media management, you can gain some fundamental knowledge from this course. However, I would not anticipate any profound realizations or exclusive insights.

To put it differently, as I went through these modules, I did not observe anything that could not be found easily through a quick online search.

Nevertheless, for a price of twenty-seven dollars, the material is conveniently consolidated in one location, making it worthwhile.

Paying Social Media Jobs Intro Area

The screenshot displayed above illustrates the contents of the Intro Course, which includes three modules:

Module 1 – Win Your First Social Media Job

Module 2 – Give Yourself a Promotion

Module 3 – Pull Down the Big Bucks

In essence, these modules are revised versions of the Social Sale Rep program, which is closely related.

Social Sale Rep Modules

The modules on Paying Social Media Jobs do not offer much substance and appear to be attempting to convince users to pursue social media jobs further as if they need convincing. For instance, module one contains a brief quote that attempts to entice users with a vision of the future where they live their ideal life. The module does provide examples and stories of social media assistants and their responsibilities, such as writing video tags, creating descriptions, editing, creating thumbnails, and uploading. The course, while not entirely insubstantial, does not provide an advantage over social media assistants and managers who have prior experience, which is who you will be competing against for these jobs.

It is, however, an excellent method to get started online. If you desire a full-time income, you may want to explore something like an online business. Whether it’s due to health problems or caring for children, or simply dissatisfaction with your current job, if a full-time online income is what you desire, you’ll need to know where and how to get started to achieve your goal.

Training Area Of Paying Social Media Jobs

Clicking on the Training tab brings you to a page with two sections, each with its own modules and lessons. 

For example, the module titled Social Media Manager 101 includes lessons that cover:

  • What social media marketing is
  • Career opportunities
  • Who the opportunities are for
  • Types of social media jobs

In the Preparing for Success module, you’ll get text-based lessons on:

  • Being professional
  • Creating your resume
  • Writing great cover letters
  • Success tips and tricks

In the Social Media Affiliate Training section, you will learn what affiliate marketing is and how you can make money recommending other people’s products. 

You can see what these sections and modules look like on the main training page below.

Paying Social Media Jobs Training Area

By clicking on the Affiliate Products tab in the menu, you can access various products available on affiliate marketplaces Clickbank and JVZoo. However, these products seem misplaced as social media “jobs” involve working for someone else. As a social media manager, your objective is to drive traffic and increase your employer’s following, for which you receive compensation. It would be unethical to promote affiliate products and earn commissions from your client’s audience.

It should be noted that Paying for Social Media Jobs does not suggest engaging in such practices. The inclusion of affiliate marketing training and products appears out of place on this website as it primarily focuses on securing employment rather than becoming a social media marketer.

Moving on, let’s discuss the jobs database.

Job Database Of Paying Social Media Jobs :

This is what you’ve been waiting for. The main jobs database. Your personal connection to employers who are lining up to hire you (they are not). 

The database looks as shown Below

Indeed Job Database

The primary benefit of Paying Social Media Jobs is that it compiles jobs from various platforms and job boards in one place. You can filter jobs based on experience level, job site, and platform, which can be helpful. However, the downside is that these job listings are not exclusive to Paying Social Media Jobs members; anyone can access them for free. These job boards include popular platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Even if these platforms did charge a fee, Paying Social Media Jobs members would still have to pay.

While having all of these jobs listed in one place is advantageous, it may not be what you were anticipating when you joined. Paying for Social Media Jobs implies that you’ll gain access to exclusive jobs by becoming a member. However, this is not the case as Paying Social Media Jobs is a relatively small Clickbank product that does not attract many serious employers. The site claims to provide an exclusive job database for VIP members, but it is unclear if this is truly exclusive.

Furthermore, Paying Social Media Jobs does not offer “insider” information or unique job opportunities. If you’re new to social media management work or unfamiliar with freelance platforms, Paying Social Media Jobs could be a helpful resource. However, it is not a one-of-a-kind platform.

The Main Part: How Much Money Can You Make on Paying Social Media Jobs?

The earnings that Paying Social Media Jobs promises and what one can realistically earn may not align. Although the website offers a calculator to predict one’s earnings, it is designed for app reviews but can be applied to any task. The calculator takes into account the number of comments one will make each day and the corresponding price.

Paying Social media Jobs Income Calculator

The earnings calculator mentioned above assumes that you review three apps a day for five days per week, earning an average of $15 per review. This equates to a weekly income of $225 or an annual income of $11,700. However, it is important to note that the results are not guaranteed and may not be typical.

Alternatively, you can also make money by testing apps and websites on platforms like UserTesting, which pays $10 for a 20-minute test or $30 to $120 for live interviews. However, the available tests are infrequent, and completing pre-screener tests may not result in payment. Therefore, it is difficult to rely on an earnings calculator when there is limited work available.

While it is possible to make money, it is not always a straightforward calculation, and it is not a full-time job in many cases. Furthermore, the competition is high for unskilled or low-skilled positions, leading to lower pay rates and a larger pool of workers. However, with experience and skills in social media management, it is possible to earn a decent salary.

For instance, a social media specialist job posted on Indeed pays $40,000 to $60,000 per year, which is a much higher income than the speculative earnings from app testing.

This is a good job you can do from home, but it requires proven experience in various areas.  

And then, there are highly skilled social media managers who can increase a company’s sales by several hundred percent. They have a successful track record of running ad campaigns and building massive followings. They also have high-level copywriting skills and historical databases that help them identify things like the best audience for a particular client, the most profitable times of the day/week to send messages, etc. 

These social media managers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year because they are in such high demand.  

So how much you can make on social media can vary from a few hundred dollars per year part-time with little experience to six figures per year for the skilled and experienced. 

Is The Future Of Social Media Bright?

Based on current trends, it seems that social media will continue to play a significant role in society and business. Social media has become an essential tool for communication, marketing, and advertising, and its influence continues to grow as more people access the internet and adopt social media platforms.

However, there are also concerns about the negative impact of social media, such as addiction, cyberbullying, and misinformation. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have faced scrutiny for their handling of user data and content moderation. Additionally, new platforms and technologies may emerge that disrupt the current landscape of social media.

Overall, the future of social media is complex and uncertain, and it will likely continue to evolve and change over time.

Paying Social Media Jobs Refund Process

Sales of Paying Social Media Jobs are made through a third-party platform called Clickbank. They provide a 60-day money-back guarantee.  

To claim a refund, visit Clickbank support, and start a Live Chat. They will ask you for your order number (which you can find on your receipt), starting the refund process. 


social media jobs introduce them to legitimate work-from-home opportunities, have a one-time payment, and offer curated job opportunities with filters and a refund policy. However, they don’t like that the courses are only in text format, information is available for free online, there is no community forum, some content repeats, and there is no potential for passive income. But it is good for beginners as there is a lot to learn from this!

  AboutPaying Social Media Jobs – Start Doing Paid Social Media Jobs Online Today!
  Price27$ {Get It Now From Official Website And Start Earning}
  ProsIntroduces you to legit social media jobs that allow you to work from home
One-time payment, unlike some other monthly membership programs
Curated job opportunities with search filters
60-day refund policy
  ConsWorth For The Beginners Who Don’t Have an Idea About Online Jobs And Can Earn A Decent Amount From This Go For It!
 VerdictWorth For The Beginners Who Don’t Have an Idea About Online Jobs And Can Earn A Decent Amount From This Go For It !

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