“Social Sale Rep Review 2024: Uncovering the Truth behind this Online Job – Scam or Legit?”29 min read

Welcome to my honest review of Social Sale Rep.

The website claims to offer an opportunity to earn between $25 and $35 per hour starting today. However, you may be wondering whether this website is trustworthy and worth your time and money.

As someone who has joined Social Sales Rep, studied its content and followed its recommendations, I am here to share my experience and help you make an informed decision.

If you are here, it’s likely that you are concerned about the legitimacy of Social Sales Rep and want to ensure that it’s not a scam before investing your money. This is a smart move, and I’m here to provide you with more information.

My name is Yatharth, and I am an online marketer who went from waiting tables to running a successful affiliate marketing business. In this review, I will give you a detailed breakdown of what Social Sales Rep offers, how it works, and what you can expect from the member’s area.

Ultimately, I will provide you with my honest opinion on whether Social Sales Rep is a legitimate way to create an online income or a scam. Are you ready to get started?

What is Social Sale Rep?

Social Sale Rep offers a live chat training program and access to a jobs database. However, it’s important to clarify that Social Sale Rep does not directly hire or find jobs for its members.

While the website promises the potential to earn $25 – $35 per hour, it’s important to note that members must apply for jobs as they would with any other job search. Additionally, some of the higher-paying jobs may require specific training, experience, or a degree in certain cases.

Due to some confusion about what Social Sale Rep is and how it operates, there are concerns about its legitimacy.

Social Sale Rep is created by the same team behind other online programs such as WriteAppReviews, PaidOnlineWritingJobs, and PayingSocialMediaJobs.

I personally purchased Social Sale Rep to provide an in-depth review of its content and functionality. Throughout this review, I will guide you through each module within the members’ area and provide my honest evaluation of the program.

So, is Social Sale Rep worth your time and investment? Let’s start by confirming its legitimacy.

What Does Social Sale Rep Do?

Social sales representatives commonly use social media platforms such as YouTube to promote and market their company’s products or services. This may involve content creation, building relationships, and managing advertising campaigns.

However, despite its name, the Social Sale Rep program is not about becoming a social sales representative. Instead, it offers training and access to a job database for individuals who are interested in becoming live online chat assistants for other businesses.

In this Social Sale Rep review, we will delve deeper into how the program works and what it offers. So, let’s explore the details together.

How Does Social Sale Rep Works?

The Social Sale Rep program is not designed as a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that covers the technicalities of live chat. Additionally, the program doesn’t offer direct employment or job placement services. Instead, it provides access to a collection of live chat jobs you can pursue, alongside some basic training.

Can Social Sale Rep be considered a legitimate program?

It’s understandable if you’re skeptical about Social Sale Rep, as it’s common to assume that online money-making programs are scams. Initially, I had the same impression, believing it might be similar to JustEarn or Money Genie. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Social Sale Rep is actually legitimate. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it meets your expectations or desires.

Social Sale Rep comprises three components: its marketing and promotion campaign, program/course, and live chat assistant jobs. The program and jobs are authentic, and I’ll discuss them further below. However, the marketing and promotion can be somewhat “optimistic.” For example, the survey page implies that they will provide you with the perfect online job within five minutes, which is only partly accurate since you still need to apply for these jobs. Additionally, you might find that there are hundreds of other applicants competing for the same position, and many of them may be more qualified than you. Therefore, although they may provide you with a list of ideal jobs, you must still apply and compete for them, some of which may pay significantly less than $25 per hour. Furthermore, you will not be working directly for Social Sale Rep, nor will you be a Social Sale Rep live chat assistant. Instead, the jobs are legitimate and found on various freelance platforms and job boards like Indeed, Upwork, and Simply Hired, and you’ll be working for a company unrelated to Social Sale Rep if you’re hired. If this isn’t what you were anticipating from Social Sale Rep, you might find survey sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars to be an easier way to earn money online.

The Social Sale Rep course is also authentic, but it’s not transformative or in-depth, in my opinion, and it won’t give you an advantage over other job applicants with experience. Nevertheless, you might find it valuable if you’re unfamiliar with what live chat agents do. The program and job marketing, on the other hand, may be somewhat misleading, in my opinion. If I had to point out another red flag, it’s that the creators and owners of Social Sale Rep remain anonymous. Although it’s their decision, it can be perceived as a red flag, especially when it comes to making money online. Despite these concerns, there’s still some value in the program, and you might find it helpful, even if it merely introduces you to online jobs that eventually take you in an entirely different direction.

What Is Social Sales Representative?

Social sales representatives use social media platforms and sites like YouTube to advertise and promote their company’s products or services. Additionally, they may be responsible for content production, developing relationships, and managing ad campaigns. Some also expand their network of potential buyers through social media by connecting with friends of friends or referring customers.

Car dealerships are an example of a business that uses social sales reps to respond to online inquiries, build relationships with potential buyers, and handle vehicle sales from beginning to end or hand the customer off to an inside sales rep, with commissions shared. However, Social Sale Rep does not focus on social media sales or getting paid on social media.

While social media selling may be a job opportunity available through Social Sale Rep’s database, the training is centered around live chat support and not becoming a good sales rep. A live chat support job typically involves customer service and support rather than sales. Sales rep jobs, on the other hand, can be more stressful and come in various types such as inside sales, outside sales, door-to-door sales, and social sales.

To understand what is included in the Social Sale Rep training, let’s take a closer look.

Social Sale Rep’s Training Structure :

Upon your initial login, the top menu (as illustrated below) will display an option labeled as “Intro Course.”

Social Sale Rep Dashboard

Upon selecting that option, you will be directed to the first three training modules, namely:

  • Module 1: Win Your First Live Chat Job
  • Module 2: Give Yourself a Promotion
  • Module 3: Pull Down the Big Bucks
Social Sale Rep modules

After finishing those modules, simply click on the “Home” option located on the top menu to go back to your dashboard. From there, you will have access to the three primary modules which are:

  • 1: Intro Course Step
  • 2: Main Training Step
  • 3: Job Database

However, there appears to be a technical issue on the dashboard as all three modules (as shown in the image below) presently direct to the same courses page.

Social Sale Rep dashboard

Although it may not be a significant problem since all the courses are accessible from the modules, and the job database can be reached via the top menu, it could be a little confusing at first. However, it is possible that the issue may have been resolved by the time you read this.

That’s the basic layout of the main modules, and below are the specifics of each course contained within them.

Here’s an outline of the Social Sale Rep Intro Course.

Module 1: Win Your First Live Chat Job

The following is your introductory and orientation training to quickly bring you up to date.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to “Win Your First Live Chat Job,” which includes congratulations and an overview of the training procedure.
  • Lesson 2: Understanding “Live Chat Job” – A summary of live chat jobs and their systems.
  • Lesson 3: Entry-Level Live Chat Jobs: $20-$30 per hour – Covers basic chat jobs such as pre-chat sales and customer service assistants.
  • Lesson 4: Quiz to Evaluate Your Knowledge
  • Lesson 5: Action Steps – This lesson provides a couple of recommended action steps.

Module 2: Give Yourself a Promotion

Module two goes over intermediate-level jobs.

  • Lesson 1: Give Yourself a Promotion – two-paragraph description of the previous module and a look forward to module 2.
  • Lesson 2: Intermediate Live Chat Jobs ($30-$40/hr) – Overview of intermediate-level chat jobs and being a subject matter expert.
  • Lesson 3: Acting as Deputy Team Leader – A brief description of being a deputy team leader when your team leader is unavailable and the steps to getting promoted.
  • Lesson 4: Test Your Knowledge Quiz
  • Lesson 5: Action Steps – Like Module 1, there are a couple suggested action steps in lesson 5.

Module 3: Pull Down the Big Bucks

The focus of this module is on advanced-level chat jobs and leadership positions. While there may be some interesting insights for beginners, it may not be relevant to your job search as most employers hiring for these roles prefer candidates with at least a year of experience.

In essence, if you qualify for intermediate or advanced-level jobs, this course may not be necessary for you.

The course contains the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: “Pull Down the Big Bucks” – A brief recap of the previous modules and an introduction to Module 3.
  • Lesson 2: “Advanced Live Chat Jobs: $40 plus per hour” – Discusses managing, hiring, and training new agents.
  • Lesson 3: “Managing Problem Customers” – A concise lesson on dealing with difficult customers, reporting to managers, and setting yourself up for career advancement
  • Lesson 4: “Test Your Knowledge Quiz”
  • Lesson 5: “Action Steps” – A few simple tasks to complete.

Social Sale Rep Main Course Outline

As previously stated, it appears that there is a technical issue where all primary modules direct to the same courses page. On that page, you will find five training sections, which include:

  • Basic Live Chat Jobs Training
  • Advanced Live Chat Job Training
  • Chat Team Leader Training
  • High-Income Chat Jobs Training
  • How to Use the Chat Jobs Database
Social Sale Rep training outline

In the training section labeled “Basic Live Chat Jobs Training,” I will be taking you through each course and providing detailed descriptions of the lessons contained within. This will give you a better understanding of what to expect within the members’ area.

Training Section 1: Basic Live Chat Jobs Training

Once you enter the Basic Live Chat Jobs Training portal, you’ll find five courses. Which Are……

  1. Live Chat Jobs 101
  2. Where to Find Live Chat Jobs
  3. Applying for Live Chat Jobs
  4. Getting Ready to Start
  5. Working As Part of a Team
Social Sale Rep training section 1

Live Chat Jobs 101

Lesson 1 in this section is titled “The Live Chat Explosion,” which is more like an article than a lesson. It provides information about the live chat market, including statistics such as the market size approaching a billion dollars and 9% of websites currently offering live chat.

Lesson 2, “Life as a Live Chat Agent,” discusses the experience of working as a live chat agent from home. It covers the necessary tools for the job and typical live chat systems.

In Lesson 3, “Making Money with Live Chat Jobs,” you will find an overview of beginner, intermediate, and advanced live chat jobs.

Lesson 4 is titled “Who Is This Opportunity For?” and poses questions such as whether you are reliable, proficient in English, and have completed basic training.

Lastly, Lesson 5, “Succeeding as a Live Chat Agent,” highlights the advantages of working from home and being a part of the remote work movement.

The section also includes a quiz for you to test your knowledge.

Where to Find Live Chat Jobs

  • Lesson 1: The Live Chat Jobs Database – Explains how Social Sale Rep searches the web and compiles lists of live chat agent job opportunities. 
  • Lesson 2: Finding Chat Jobs on Freelance Marketplaces – How to find chat jobs on freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fancy Hands, Cloudworkers.
  • Lesson 3: Top Chat Jobs with Top Companies – This lesson goes over some big companies that hire live chat workers, such as Apple and Amazon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t detail how to get those jobs.
  • Lesson 4: Working with Live Chat Agencies – Similar to lesson 3, this lesson reviews various chat support agencies such as  Arise.
  • Lesson 5: More Opportunities For Finding Chat Jobs – Lesson 5 covers various other platforms to find live chat jobs like LinkedIn, Fiverr, and job boards like Indeed.
  • Quiz

Applying for Live Chat Jobs

  • Lesson 1: Standing Out from the Crowd – You’ll get some basic information on how the top ten percent of workers (The Ten Percentages) get the best jobs.
  • Lesson 2: Winning Big by Being Professional – Expands on lesson 1 and discusses what’s to come in the course regarding resumes and cover letter preparation. 
  • Lesson 3: Creating the Perfect Resume – Lesson 3 discusses resume structure and what to include on your resume. It’s helpful information but not specific to live chat assistant and support jobs. If you’ve applied for a job before, I’m not sure you’ll find anything new here.  
  • Lesson 4: Submitting Your Application – Lesson 4 focuses on your cover letter and the typical mistakes people make. But again, some good information, but it’s not specific to live chat assistant and support jobs. 
  • Lesson 5: Rocking Your Online Interview – This is the longest lesson so far. Some of the things covered are conducting online interviews using Zoom, Google Meet, etc. The lesson goes over things you should do to make sure you can reconnect if there are technical difficulties. It also discusses location, lighting, and several other important things to remember when you’re doing an interview.
  • Lesson 6: Success Tips and Tricks – In Lesson 6, you’ll learn some more advanced tips to put yourself in the best position to land a job, for example, cleaning up your social media and a handful of other suggestions.
  • Quiz

Getting Ready to Start

  • Lesson 1: The On-boarding Process – This lesson discusses what an acceptance letter is what it should include. It also goes over what you need to set up your equipment and make sure it meets the required specification.
  • Lesson 2: Initial Training – Lesson 2 describes how live chat systems work, chat etiquette, and best practices. It also covers goals, company culture, and buddying up with a mentor.
  • Lesson 3: Your First Live Chats – In this lesson, you’ll get an idea of what your first chats will be like, dealing with first-chat nerves and reaching out for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes; everyone makes them.
  • Lesson 4: Reviews and Feedback – Some tips to help you get the most from your first employee review. Criticism should help you get better and not discourage you.
  • Lesson 5: Getting Your First Paycheck – If you’ve never worked from home before or done freelance work, getting paid is slightly different from a typical job. This lesson talks about setting up your payment methods, logging hours, etc.
  • Quiz

Working as Part of a Team

  • Lesson 1: Best Practices for Working Remotely – Working from home is different from working in an office or at a job site. This lesson covers topics like online meeting etiquette, keeping your work and personal life separate, and focusing on shared interests. 
  • Lesson 2: Top Team Technology – Remote working depends on the internet and tools such as chat software, video conferencing, and time-tracking tools, to name a few. This lesson provides a brief overview of these technologies along with others.  
  • Lesson 3: Stand Out from The Crowd – This is a short lesson about knowing your role within a team, being respectful, and dealing with conflict.
  • Lesson 4: Working From Home Successfully – Lesson 4 goes a little deeper into the habits and practices required to work at home successfully. As someone who works from home, I can verify the importance of things like nutrition and accountability for your own productivity.
  • Quiz

Training Section 2: Advanced Live Chat Jobs

In the previous section, I went over the structure and provided descriptions for each lesson within each course. 

I’ll continue with the course outline below and, this time, provide an overview of each Social Sale Rep course (rather than each individual lesson). 

The advanced live chat jobs training section is split up into five courses:

  1. Live Chat Etiquette
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Dealing with Difficult Customers
  4. Becoming a Subject Matter Expert
  5. Multitasking and Multiple Client Work

Live Chat Etiquette

This course discusses live chat etiquette and how to become a top agent.  

  • Lesson 1: What is Live Chat Etiquette
  • Lesson 2: The Importance of Good Chat Etiquette
  • Lesson 3: Understanding Customer Psychology
  • Lesson 4: Best Practices for Great Chats
  • Lesson 5: Tips & Tactics
  • Quiz

Effective Communication

In the Social Sale Rep Effective Communication course, you’ll learn some strategies and tactics that pro agents use to get the best results when chatting with website visitors and customers.

Some of what you’ll find here include topics like problem-solution benefits, culture conflicts, and being aware of age groups when chatting.

  • Lesson 1: Understanding the Iceberg Principle
  • Lesson 2: Applying the KISS Formula
  • Lesson 3: Using Structured Explaining
  • Lesson 4: Emojis & Exclamations
  • Lesson 5: Beyond Live Chat
  • Quiz

Dealing with Difficult Customers

This course looks at ways to deal with challenging conversations and how to avoid unhappy outcomes.

Some examples of what you’ll find here are discussions about refund requests and product quality problems.

  • Lesson 1: Minimizing Customer Friction
  • Lesson 2: Using the ECA Method
  • Lesson 3: Tips & Tactics
  • Lesson 4: Reviewing Your Performance
  • Lesson 5: Tricky Customer Templates
  • Quiz

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

As the course title indicates, what you’ll learn here are ways to increase your income by becoming an expert in a specific field.

Topics in this course include using online training courses to level up your skill and knowledge, becoming a specialist, and moving beyond live chat by preparing documentation, writing product descriptions, etc.

  • Lesson 1: What is an SME, and Why Should You Care?
  • Lesson 2: How to Become a Subject Matter Expert
  • Lesson 3: Succeeding in the SME Role
  • Lesson 4: Increasing Your SME Income
  • Lesson 5: Tips & Tricks for Subject Matter Experts
  • Quiz

Multitasking and Multiple Client Work

Social Sale Rep explains why multitasking is an essential skill for live chat support agents and how to do it. They also cover topics like getting proper sleep, using music effectively, and eliminating distractions, to name a few….

  • Lesson 1: Why and How Chat Agents Multitask
  • Lesson 2: How to Multitask Effectively
  • Lesson 3: The Challenge of Multitasking
  • Lesson 4: Tips to Improve Your Multi Tasking Skills
  • Quiz

Training Section 3: Chat Team Leader Training

In this training module, you’ll find three more courses. 

  1. The Team Leader Opportunity
  2. The Team Leader’s Role in Action
  3. Working for a Live Chat Agency

The Team Leader Opportunity

You’ll find more about senior chat team leaders and opportunities here. You will also get an overview of leadership topics such as accountability, leading by example, and encouraging self-development.

  • Lesson 1: Stepping Up to Team Leader
  • Lesson 2: What a Chat Team Leader Does
  • Lesson 3: Qualities of a Great Team Leader
  • Lesson 4: How to Inspire Your Team
  • Lesson 5: Quick Tips for Success
  • Quiz

The Team Leader Role in Action

The previous course discussed what a team leader’s role is about. This course examines what they do.

Some team leader responsibilities discussed here are job postings, candidate interviews, and scheduling training.

  • Lesson 1: Recruiting New Agents
  • Lesson 2: On boarding New Recruits
  • Lesson 3: Setting Key Performance Indicators
  • Lesson 4: Ranking Chat Agents
  • Lesson 5: Dealing with Problem Employees
  • Quiz

Working for a Live Chat Agency

This course goes more in-depth on live chat agencies, how they work, who they look for, and what they offer.

  • Lesson 1: What a Live Chat Agency Does
  • Lesson 2: How to Get Hired
  • Lesson 3: Working on Client Accounts
  • Lesson 4: Fulfilling Service Level Agreements
  • Lesson 5: Managing Client Expectations
  • Quiz

Training Section 4: High-Income Chat Jobs

The courses in this training module talk about higher-paying chat jobs, including…

  1. Voice Chat Jobs
  2. Video Chat Jobs
  3. Product Demo Chat Jobs
  4. Sales Chat Jobs

Voice Chat Jobs

This course discusses voice chat, what it involves, and how it’s different than live chat. It also goes over the skills required, benefits to you and your customers, and tips like using their names.

  • Lesson 1: What is a Voice Chat Job?
  • Lesson 2: The Benefits of Voice Chat
  • Lesson 3: How to Excel at Voice Chat Work
  • Lesson 4: Providing Omnichannel Support
  • Lesson 5: Voice Chat Tips & Tricks
  • Quiz

Video Chat Jobs

Unlike voice chat, video chat gets more personal. This course looks at the unique requirements of video chat, from being aware of your surroundings and using proper angles to improving your internet speeds.

  • Lesson 1: What is a Video Chat Job?
  • Lesson 2: The Benefits of Video Chat
  • Lesson 3: How to Excel at Video Chat
  • Lesson 4: Video Chat Tips & Tricks
  • Quiz

Product Demo Chat Jobs

This is a relatively unknown chat support job. It explains what product demo chat jobs are and how to do them. Some specific topics include focusing on a product’s benefits rather than its features, discovering the “question behind the question,” and talking less – listening more.

  • Lesson 1: The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of Product Demo Jobs
  • Lesson 2: How to Deliver the Perfect Product Demo
  • Lesson 3: Product Demo Mistakes to Avoid
  • Lesson 4: Tips & Tricks
  • Quiz

Sales Chat Jobs

In this course, you’ll learn about the unique opportunity and income potential offered by sales chat jobs. A few of the topics discussed in this course include using social media for outreach, up-selling, and cross-selling to increase your income.

  • Lesson 1: What is a Chat Sales Job?
  • Lesson 2: Why Chat Sales Works
  • Lesson 3: Live Chat Sales Strategies
  • Lesson 4: Tips & Tricks
  • Quiz

Training Section 5: How to Use The Chat Jobs Database

This training section jumps straight to the lessons rather than breaking the material into multiple courses.

Each lesson (except for lesson 1) is a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots on registering and finding jobs on various platforms.

  • Lesson 1: The Booming Jobs Markets
  • Lesson 2: Getting Started on Up-work
  • Lesson 3: Getting Started on Zip-recruiter
  • Lesson 4: Getting Started on Glass-door
  • Lesson 5: Getting Started on Indeed
  • Lesson 6: Getting Started on LinkedIn
  • Lesson 7: Making the Most of the Jobs Database (Social Sale Rep Jobs Database)
  • Lesson 8: Tips, Tricks & Tactics

At this point, you’ll be offered an upgrade for $97 to access the VIP Jobs Database. This is a little discouraging, in my opinion, because you probably thought you were getting access to the best jobs when you signed up. 

Unfortunately, it’s an upgrade. 

Having reviewed hundreds of online money-making programs like Social Sale Rep, it wasn’t surprising the thing you wanted most would be an up-sell. But it’s still disappointing.

Social Sale Rep Job Database

With your regular membership, the job database you can access is a curation of job opportunities from various job sites like Indeed and freelance platforms like Upwork and Guru.com

It’s tedious going to all of these platforms individually and searching for jobs (although it’s also free). So, it’s nice that Social Sale Rep consolidates them here and provides a filter to search between beginner, intermediate, and advanced jobs.

Social Sale Rep Jobs Filters
Social Sale Rep Jobs Filter: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Some of the beginner job postings do require experience and degrees. The job postings were current though, so they are on top of finding new opportunities.

Of course, depending on when you’re reading this, the jobs available to you through the platform will be different than the ones I found. 

Social Sale Rep Jobs Database Example
Source: Indeed

This is a great feature if you’re searching for live chat jobs. But is it worth paying for when you can find these jobs yourself by searching individual platforms?

In my opinion, no. However, it might be worth it if you’re working long hours, commuting, raising a family, etc., because it is a time-saver. 

Also, Social Sale Rep is a subscription product. Therefore, even if you find a job through their database, there’s no real reason to continue with your subscription.

What Is SEO

Social Sale Rep Cost

You can try Social Sale Rep for three days with their $1 trial. After that, however, you are automatically charged $47, which is a monthly payment. 

Social Sale Rep Trial and Monthly Costs

Social Sale Rep Trial Price and Recurring Payments

If you have a Social Sale Rep coupon code, the price will be discounted accordingly. 


Once you’re inside the member’s area, you’ll get a one-time opportunity to upgrade to the VIP Lifetime Membership for $97.

Social Sale Rep Upsell VIP Lifetime
Social Sale Rep VIP Lifetime Membership Up-sell

Further into the program, you’ll be given one-time-offers to purchase sister products, PaidOnlineWritingJobs or Write App Reviews for $57 each.

Social Sale Rep Upsell Additional Offer
Social Sale Rep – Additional Offers

When you finally reach your dashboard, you’ll see more optional upgrades (image below).

Social Sale Rep Upsells
Social Sale Rep Upgrades

The up-sells are not required and Social Sales Rep is not the most expensive course or program. But it’s still an unplanned expense that you’ll have to consider.

What Is Digital Marketing

Social Sale Rep Refund Policy

Social Sale Rep is sold through a third-party platform called Clickbank. Clickbank offers a 60-day-money-back-guarantee.  

It’s been a while since I’ve requested a refund from Clickbank, but the process should be the same. Start by having your order number ready (you can find it on your receipt) because they’ll ask you for it. Then visit Clickbank support, and start a Live Chat. 

Social Sale Rep Refund Clickbank Intructions
Source: ClickBank

They will ask you for the email you used to purchase (any Clickbank product) and your order number.

They’ll pull up the order and process your refund with that information. Depending on the product vendor, the process can vary.

Some product vendors have strict conditions, while others have a no-questions-asked policy. 

I will be canceling my Social Sale Rep subscription, probably over the next few days, because it’s not something I’ll be using. But the process of canceling monthly payments is the same as requesting a refund. 

Social Sale Rep Reviews and Complaints

You may have read some Social Sale Rep reviews describing a different product.

A similarly named product may teach affiliate marketing, but that’s not what this Social Sale Rep teaches. Or at least, that’s not what it currently teaches. 

The method goes something like this (and there are variations)…

  • Give away a free eBook on social media sites (as an incentive to sign up for your email list, newsletter, etc.). 
  • Find affiliate products on marketplaces like Clickbank and JVZoo, and then promote them to your email subscribers. 
  • You earn an affiliate commission when someone buys one of these products using your affiliate link.  

That’s a legitimate method of making money online, and it’s effective. It may even be what Social Sale Rep used to teach. But that’s not the program you’d be buying today. 

What is Affiliate Marketing

Old Version of Social Sale Rep 2017 Spring 2021
Old Version of Social Sale Rep – Spring 2017 (Source: Archive.Org)

Above is the old version of Social Sale Rep which mainly stayed the same with minor changes from 2017 to early 2021. In late 2021 this site (socialsalerep.com) was redirected to the current version

And it also makes sense that there may be similarly named products because the term social sales rep is common. It’s not only a product or a company. It’s also a job title. As a result, it appears in the search engines even though it’s unrelated to socialsalerep.com. 

Differences and similarities aside, when reading reviews, be aware there may be products, companies, and articles with similar wording, but they may not be the same.

Therefore, the reviews and complaints may not be relevant to the current Social Sale Rep.  

As far as user reviews and complaints (about this version of Social Sale Rep), there are surprisingly not many. One on Reddit provides an accurate description of the product and their opinion of whether it’s worth it. But I haven’t seen an abundance of complaints (or positive comments either), so hopefully, this review provides you with the insight you’re looking for.


I understand the need to make money from home, and Social Sale Rep might be helpful if you’re new to live chat work, as the jobs database can save you time. However, there’s no guarantee of getting hired, and the course won’t give you an edge over applicants with experience. Despite this, if you’re interested in live chat work, don’t let this discourage you, and you can explore Social Sale Rep with Clickbank’s 60-day refund policy. If you find that live chat work is not for you, there are other ways to earn money from home, whether you’re a student, a single parent, have health challenges, or just hate your job and need a way out.

  AboutSocial Sale Rep – Find Your Perfect Online Job
  Price$1 For 3 Days Trial After That 47$ Monthly {Get Socialsalerep 3 Days Trial Now For 1$}
  Pros3 Days Trial Very Cheap, 60 Days Refund Policy, Live chat assistants can work remotely
  ConsCourses only come in text format. It would be helpful if they had video and audio options as well, Some repetitive information in the training modules.
 VerdictWorth For The Beginners Who Don’t Have an Idea About Online Jobs

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